Thursday, October 28, 2010

Uncle Perd

In the hamlet of Lusania lived an uncle, uncle Perd.
He sat under the roof made up of banyan bower,
And he went to the river for shower.
In the evenings he would wander in the woods,
And in dawn would stroll in his boots.
Nobody knew why uncle Perd was so weird.
Nobody knew reason to his obsession with children, birds and beard.
Neither did uncle Perd.
But he could feel when he was near,
He had felt it when he was right there.
But what fascinated children of Lusania most was his beard.
Uncle Perd grew long, curly, white beard,
Which grew miles every year.
Uncle Perd loved to wash it, trim and take care.
Uncle Perd didn't know that he once upon a time was a seer.

One evening when he was under the Banyan tree,
Peter was wandering there free.
He asked Peter to tell him what he feels about him,
Peter said “I think you are a tree.”
Something dawned upon Uncle Perd that day,
He had no more words to say.
He just smiled wide and weird,
And would dance in air floating his beard
And one day Uncle Perd just disappeared!
They searched every house, they searched every route,
But of Uncle Perd they had no clue.
And one evening when Peter sat to think,
Something in his mind started to blink!
He turned to the woods; he went in there to see
He found Uncle Perd with beard turned into a banyan tree!

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