Thursday, December 23, 2010

Product of the unknown

I am a child of the unknown; only names attached. I don’t belong with my family; I don’t belong with my friends. I am the inhabitant of the middle world-a mob of confused, seeking and searching masses.

My world exists in silence, in peace, in space, in this gap that exists between me and you. There is something strange in my stare all the time. Its just a flicker of eyelashes that sometimes wakes me up to existence of the seemingly crowded realistic world. The sporadic movement of my breaths are witness to how restless my soul is.

People travel in my mind and they in their capacity try to reorient my thoughts. Sometimes it’s like a compulsive attraction that tends to shift frames in mind to unreal states of personal existence. Thought simulation, entity destruction, image creation and personality recreation are the cycles i go through over and over until there is no identification left and then i try to track back to my existence.

Slowly as the intense thoughts fade and theories never concluded to reality end, i re emerge as another being, being the product of the unknown.

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  1. Its written like a philosophical journal article. Cycle of thought simulation, entity destruction ... difficult to understand. Is it related to "I am what I am becoming"

  2. jab se college se nikle hian .....this "product of the unknown" cycle repeats and repeats...

  3. @PJ: Its a long article made short to bring forth the point.

    @Nahata: Yup! Quite true with me as well.