Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arguments: Story of Two Mice

In the jungle, one day two rats were fighting over their supremacy.

Lui: “One day a cat was after me, I turned around and warned her not to try to catch me but she did not abide by. I held her ears stretched and banged my slap on her face. She did not wake up for a week.”
Dui: “That is nothing. One day I challenged a cat to catch me but she refused so I challenged her ten friends to catch me but they refused. On the night when I was sleeping they captured me and tied me on the tree. While they beat me up all day and night long, I was yawning. After they were tired I gently flexed my muscles, the tree fell on them and I walked away.”

Lui: “Oh that is nothing! One day my mother was captured by pirates and they took her far in the middle of ocean. I sprinted on the water reached their ship and made a hole at the bottom. The ship sank; I took my mother and swam back.”

Dui: “Are you proud of that!? The pirates once held all of my family including me and put us in their jail on the ship. A thunderstorm struck the ship and it started drowning. The pirates could not do anything so I broke the jail and challenged the thunderstorm. Angry thunder storm struck me with lightening, I jumped on the sea and I heated up so much from the striking lightening that the sea dried. Later, the pirates apologized and carried us back to the jungle.”

Lui: “Once a kite flew over my house and when I came out he captured me with his claws and took me away. Then he threw me to his Kite boss for food. Kite boss asked me “Are you afraid?” I laughed at him. He said “Why are you laughing?” I laughed loudly. He said “Aren’t you afraid of dying?” I held his beak, tied it with a rope; straightened his wings with sticks and flew the world using him as glider. When the Kite boss begged for forgiveness I landed on my house and set him free. He now scavenges my enemies.”

Dui got afraid but he could not turn his back so he punched again.

Dui: “Once a Kite abducted me and he threw me to his Kite boss. When I told them I was Dui both of them escaped. Next morning I took a bow and arrows and shoot both of them down.”

Lui got irritated. His every story was thrashed by the story of Dui. Frustrated he started yelling on Dui that he is a liar, his stories are rubbish they started fighting. Listening to the noise other rats gathered around them, enjoying the show. While they were wrestling, punching on faces breaking each other’s tooth, suddenly they heard the ground go “Thump! Thump! Thump!” Lui saw to his left and found all the rats stamped on the ground then Dui saw it to his right then both of them looked up and saw giant elephants were passing by. They saw a foot rising and coming over them. “Thump!” they escaped. “Thump!” they escaped again. “Thump! Thump! Thump!” The group of elephants ran all over. When they had passed, Lui-Dui stood together and found the crushing foots buried everyone and everything around them. They looked towards each other thinking about their arguments earlier, grinned with their broken teeth and holding each other, returned back to their homes.

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