Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Magical Drink

One day the king and queen of Satpura province decided to go for hunting. Early in the morning they left towards jungle with artillery weapons, food, water and a group of ten soldiers.
A long time passed but they did not find any animal in the jungle. It disappointed the king and the queen. So after lunch they decided to go a little further but asked the soldiers to stay there and wait for them until they return.
As they moved ahead the jungle got darker and darker. The queen spotted a deer wandering behind the bushes. They started following it carefully watching their path from stepping over snake or scorpions. Near a small pond amid big sal trees the deer stopped to drink water, when the king decided to hunt him. As he shot the arrow the deer turned into a big evil ghost who angrily turned towards the king,
“You have enraged me. Now I’ll eat you both.”
Stories of a ghost in the jungles of Satpura were known from quite a long time. He had tricked and killed many innocent people before also. So the king decided to fight with him. The brave king, with his bows and arrows wounded the ghost but before running away he sneezed on the king and queen and due to his poisonous saliva they fell sick.
They returned to the kingdom weak and tired. Day by day their condition worsened. All the doctors of the kingdom were summoned but none could treat them and the wounded angry ghost had started to haunt and target the villagers near the jungle.
Worried, the king called his guru for help. The Guru said,
“In the Himalayan mountains lives a Dadi, she knows many magical drinks that could treat the king and queen.”
So the king and the queen went to the Himalayas and asked Dadi for help. Dadi asked the king to tell the whole incident, the colour and smell of the poisonous saliva and about the sickness. Then she thought for a while and said,
“I have one magical drink that can treat you both.”
She went into the kitchen and brought back a white drink. She asked the king and queen to stay there in her hut and drink it every day to get well soon. After a week the king and queen regained their strength. To express his gratitude, the king brought fruits for her, repaired her hut and promised to visit and take care of her. With her blessings they returned to the Satpura kingdom.
Next day the king chased and captured the ghost haunting the villagers and killed him with his strength. He went back to thank Dadi and praised the white drink which later came to be known as milk.

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