Monday, December 15, 2008

The Past

This space is a sacred place. This space has so much of depth that you can go in and may never be able to come out. This silence is ever widening and stronger than anything else.
Its amazing to know how the same silence can convey different things, emotions, arguments, messages at the same or different point of time.
There is no end to it because you can never know where it begun. It may appear that you hold an end of it but you don't. Our hands were not made to keep everything. Somethings just slip away like the sand, the more you try to hold it, the more you are losing the hold of it.
Past is like a dream that you have actually lived. Past is the action you did which has left the foot prints to teach you ever what you did; right or wrong. Past is a rememberance of the times that would eventually flash back to remind you what could have been but wasn't perfect.