Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sometimes life goes stagnant like the car stuck in the jam of busy Monday evening. You can’t move forward, you can’t move backwards but just be there and wait for the signal to go green for you. While many of us see the signal and move, there are others who find themselves in long queues and before they could move it goes red again, and then there are others who can’t even notice the signal.

Eventually everyone gets stuck at some point of time, somewhere in dimensions of life they choose for themselves. For few of us this would mean exploring a new route where we could find the vastness of an alternative world we were not familiar with, for many of us it would mean struggling as far and as long as we can, and for most of us it would mean the ultimate failure of self and a devastating experience rendering us to bitterness of life. But what we forget and fail to understand is that the car is stuck not because of us but the consequences of this stagnation are all because of us. We may choose to reach the inherent inbuilt in us and explore the capabilities, we may choose to struggle through the time or we might just ignore everything and let things happen. But the one who is ready to risk with the will and courage to see dreams and has the guts to do it eventually leads oneself to a far better reason. And it’s not about giving up everything and heading to Himalayas wishing to find some meaning there, it’s not about the ranks that system associates with us that we start believing to be as true as our identity, it’s not about being alone on the path we see and it’s not about fear, it’s about a free choice of what we want to be; just a choice.

If you think of a happy meaningful life, it always comes down to very simple things. The experiences that are otherwise ordinary will astonish you with their elegance. Adventure and bliss is not only in the bosom of nature but it’s also in the depth of our thoughts and the way we perceive what we observe. No human mind is ordinary in the sense we think of ordinary. It’s an irony that we can not see through ourselves what we truly are. Borrowing eyes is not the best thing to do when you want to know something that is connected with you. And when you start to see it from your eyes, it’s all simple and apparently clear. As soon as you get into this path of free thought and independence from influences that affect your mind, you will know what gets you out of the jam; you will make a sudden change and embark your own journey!

Life lies in the grassroots of reality and understanding this reality makes us a better person everyday. The more you dig the more you know ‘the who’ you are and easier it becomes to be ‘the who’ you are. And once you have reached the landscape where nothing is fake or affected by them and those, you see yourself naked as you are born, as you are and as you want to be. A pure self image gives you the ultimate freedom and power to make choices for your life. This is the freedom and power everyone yearns for all their lives but without diving into their pools, it can never come. And this is the freedom and the power to reason that makes every stagnation a new turn in this wonderful journey that is you!

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  1. Well written. You possibly know I agree with most if not all of the content.
    Just a critical suggestion - you should choose a more appropriate layout, theme, design for the blog.

  2. @ Happy
    i would really like to know about things you don't agree with...and yeah i am on my search for a better template, i hope to make changes soon...keep giving me suggestions.
    take care :)

  3. Good thought.... but you can refine the content more... I think all this can be written in lesser words and better!

    The reference of good though is very high!

  4. Thanks Prateek for your suggestions. i will try to put some more concrete thoughts and thanks again for valuing it so high. :)

  5. hi, it is wonderfully written but life is like a ridge and sometimes it is just simple to let it go with the flow, like the marsh which pulls down those who struggle with it (harry potter also has an example), people need to determine with what they want to treat themselves. For sometimes we prefer the chains of bondage for the pain is sweet to us than the loneliness of freedom!
    Nice, it was a good read!!

  6. You are right Aditya that people need to decide how they want to be treated and how they want to treat themselves.
    In the post i have tried to point out about the people who just flow with and those who try to make a difference. They are not the same and mind you when am talking about difference its the change within and not for the world.