Monday, December 26, 2011

I Too Had A Dream

First 20 years are undoubtedly the most important part of life. You are full of ideas, you want to do things, you want to learn and a lot of crazy thoughts you want to experiment with. 4 years in college make the best part of it. You are literally free there, to experiment with what you learn and learn what you want to. Things work out, good! If they don’t, well it doesn’t hurt much.

By the time you are in 4rd year you realize there is still so much left to do and time has passed by real fast! You try hard but planning things becomes out of control. There is a B.Tech project, there are placements, there is CAT, there are further studies option to ponder about, there are massive expectations mounting from everywhere. And then there in one corner is the idea you are crazy about. You think may be its time to let it be at ease for a while till you deal with other things. Placements start! You are not shortlisted in Day 1 and Day 2. You tell your Dad, he is not disappointed but surprised why you didn’t make it? First interview, you don’t go through. Second interview, you don’t get to the final round. People around you are getting placed and that leaves you worried. Pressure starts to crack you down and just when you start to think that it is all luck, in the very next days you are placed!

You went through so much in this time! There were so many things to manage and so little time for everything. Exhausted you take a break. Everyone back home congratulates you for the job while on the back of your mind you know you don’t want to do it. Then a certain uncle tells you about how you would do brighter things in future and may be work for the biggest companies in the world very soon. People ask you when you are going to settle abroad. You don’t know the answers yourself but you put on a smile.

So much pours down upon you in literally a span of 3 months that you start doubting your dream. You cannot put the same faith in your idea anymore. But you don’t give up. One day you go and talk to your dad and tell him about your crazy idea- to be on your own and work for your crazy dreams. And he does not deny you from doing anything but just advise you to take the job for a while and gain some experience. And six months later, there you are- in the corporate food chain, fighting to etch a name of your own.

You never realized how fast time moved after that. You earned good, you partied a lot, you made new friends and suddenly life was not all that bad. Until one day, you return from a hectic day in office and started thinking about the years that have passed by since college. You switched companies and increased you pay packet. You own a car and you have travelled abroad. You earn some respect in your work. But there is something you have missed. You don’t know what it is but somewhere you feel it.

You take a break again. You look around to figure out how much world has changed. Only then you realize that you are 28 years old now! You meet up friends and find out that some person you knew in college is making it big. He owns a company and works on his crazy ideas. All your friends talk about him. You go back in time and revisit your idea. You too had a dream. You can’t sleep next few nights. You go to your father and discuss about the idea again. He doesn’t deny anything but asks you to think and plan everything before taking any step. Your mother asks you to get married. You ignore it.

You return to office thinking that you will work upon the idea but a great project comes and demands you. You know you can do it and give it all it needs. It takes a year to complete it. Your work is appreciated and everybody applauses you and holds you high. Years pass and you get married too. You have a kid as well.

Finally one day you decide that you have done enough and you deserve to give a shot at something new. Nobody stops you but everyone advises you to think carefully and wishes you luck. You work upon your idea. It seems difficult but you know well how to get things done. You work like mad in the coming months. You give it all. And in the end; it fails.

You sit back and think what went wrong. You revisit the very first time you had a crazy idea that you wanted to work upon. You turn your head around and see your kid calling you. And then you realize; it is the 20 years that have passed by.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Curls In The Sky At IIT Kanpur

It was the time of Antaragni in IIT Kanpur. The campus was unusually noisy and full of beauties when I happened to see one incident which seems to come straight from facebook funny videos. Two girls were walking down the campus roads when someone on a bicycle stopped by and "Boom!" For a second all curls of the girl were in air and I wondered how do they manage it, the other moment a scream turned me to the man on bicycle who had sort of spanked her head and run off! In the campus, I came to know about someone names Ashyup, a man you must be terrified from, a man we had heard of only in stories, a man who does not exist.

21 years ago there was a tree in the campus, a tree with long curls. It is said to be a banyan tree. Reportedly a student in lack of company and companion made friends with the tree. Souring relationships with academics, lab experiments and Professors forced Ashyup to turn to the curly tree and share his plight with it. Later he fell in love with its curls and treated it as his gal. As with any tragic story this one was also not going to last. The romance of Ashyup was shaken the day he found that a new hostel was to be built on the site and the tree would be cut. Curly Tree had only few days left and Ashyup gave all of his time to her (Her!...yes the relationship had become pretty serious in last two months.) He would swing with her curls, narrate tales and tell her how it would be okay and all.

The judgment day of the Curly arrived and it was being cut from the bottom. Ashyup could see it no more. He ran and took the tree in his arms. The construction workers tried to console him then request him then forced him to leave but he didn't. So they decided to continue cutting the tree while it was in Ashyup’s arms...and suddenly, THUD!!! The tree with all its curls swinging in the sky fell on the ground. Every worker around ran towards the site to look for Ashyup but he was nowhere to be found. With the life of curly Ashyup had disappeared too.

Many theories have been proposed since about what happened but the most accepted theory is that in the last moments of Curly, Ashyup became one with her and disappeared with her soul. Later on that site GH2(Girls Hostel 2) was built up and ever since curls of the girls is being swung by Ashyup every now and then.

Some say that Ashyup does not like the curls of the new girls at all and so he comes to make fun of them. Others say that Ashyup comes to remind the world of Curly's curls who had to sacrifice her life for GH2. Anyways to honour the martyr Ashyup was and his love for Kesh (Hair or curls) he was later rechristened to Keshyup (Kesh-up).

Hope everyone in IIT K would let their curls free once in a while to honour the man.
Up, up Keshyup!