Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kiddie Times

When my mother slapped me at 11 I felt I’m still a child. But I had friends. Friends who play gaga games, who do what is called mischievous, who do all sorts of nonsense and sometimes on rare occasions give their invaluable suggestions too. They gave me a glance of the outer world. It seemed good and bad…different people different world. And I realized it’s my mother who relegated me to a child. They told me am old enough to know what outer world lives on and how it does it and certainly am too old to be slapped. So I decided to escape from so thought small place and so bad mother. I got some idea and it was simple. Steal some money go to railways or buses, get a ticket and fly to a new adventurous place. It was easy. Two of my friends too got ready to accompany to the daring new world. They never told they too hated their mothers or what. Probably they are smarter to what they should tell. Whatever now I will not have to starve alone if something so happens or I would have reached a bad world because geography maps don’t show which part of globe is good or bad.

It was an eventful day. The three captains with the same goals met to sketch out a plan something like they do in Hollywood movies or an indigenous robbery plan. I was so thrilled that day that I could hardly breathe out of excitement and fear. They were discussing the plan I tried a lot to listen and point out some mistake or give some idea of mine out of my small brain but I could hardly concentrate. I was lost dreaming. Dreaming of the new world away from all those scolds of mother away from all work and study….free and …..Free. The plan was finally somehow made. Everyone agreed to bring whatever money they can without thinking of what is left-if it is-would be enough for mothers or even brothers or sisters and of course who ever is left will not be awaited much cause he can lead others into trouble. And we also decided to run on the next Sunday people will think we are out for some play and we will be far by the time they would realize what has actually happened. How smart we are! We will become role models for all those whose mothers slap.

A day before I stole some money with shivering hands and sinful soul and violating the agreement made. For the first time I felt how much in fear of being caught a thief is. And for the first time I felt am doing something wrong and I should give it a rethink. But as it is said an arrow shot from bow cannot be taken backwards so were my words. Cause they will start calling me a coward together with a child which I hated a lot that I can do anything to stop being called. On the destined evening we put all our survival kits in our bag and moved to the buses. “Hey Can u give us a ticket to some good place?” we asked to the ticket man. “There is no good place son” he replied. “Then take us somewhere we will find it ourselves” said one of my friends. “Go home son” replied the ticket man.

We hopelessly waited four hours for the bus which will take us to somewhere until the sound of a motorcycle. And I saw it coming out of the dark bullying away silence and I began to shiver with a certain thought. And the expected giant figure became clear in light and asked us to sit back. No one can gather the courage to disobey and like a servant being ordered we followed the listened. He was my father.
He left us to respective places. I wish he could have left me somewhere else this very night but he didn’t. I didn’t have the courage to face mother instead she faced me. And I thought with a dozen more slaps it would get better to agree that I’m still a child. But she took me onto her lap wept a bit, kissed me and loved me. She held me so tight like a magnet given some godly power and I being a small iron nail.
“Mom don’t suffocate me I promise I will never leave”. She laughed and freed me-huffing and puffing to breathe. The following day four slaps did their job instead of dozen but now I knew my mother isn’t bad and may be she’s true when she says am still a child.

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  1. kaafi achi tarah likha hai.. mast feel aa rhi hai.. still reading.. hehe.. :) .. tere ref ache hain.. three captains.. abe theek hai likhte likhte tune araam se likh diya hoga.. bt tu jab aise ref deta hai toh kaafi acha lagta.. main fir se bacha sa ho jata hun aur dimag immagination world mein pahunch jata hun.. still reading the article.. hehe.. :) ..
    read it finally.. hehe... GOD article.. hhehehehehe.. seriously yaar.. kaafi acha hai.. hehehe.. :)

  2. @Sush
    thanks was one of the stories i took a lot of pain while writing. i was comnpletely out of touch and desperately wanted to start writing again.